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National Education Union - Enfield District

Committee Job Descriptions


To convene the A.G.M., General and Executive Committee Meetings and other meetings as agreed by the Executive Committee, with agendas and minutes, as appropriate and in accordance with the E.T.A. Constitution.

To take the main role in casework on behalf of members.

To co-ordinate negotiations with the Local Authority and other employers of teacher members.

To be involved in local campaigning activities.

To co-ordinate the use of information to carry out any action necessary to implement N.U.T. policy, as indicated in regular circulars from N.U.T. headquarters and present them to the local Executive Committee on a regular basis (e.g.: Committee Meetings).

To communicate with and support School Representatives.

To attend National and Regional Division Secretaries’ Briefings.

To prepare agendas, book venues and circulate appropriate documents accordingly for General, Executive Committee and other meetings.

To prepare the annual calendar of E.T.A. General and Executive Committee meetings.

To organise and distribute regular newsletters to members.  

To organise and help deliver locally based School Rep training courses/programmes.

Assistant Secretary

To take minutes of Executive Committee and General Meetings and distribute/provide them accordingly. 

To present copies of all minutes to the Treasurer, annually, so that they may be presented to the Auditors.

To prepare agendas for distribution for Executive Committee Meetings and General Meetings in accordance with the E.T.A. Constitution and Executive Committee decisions.


To take a lead in promoting the N.U.T., its policies and campaigns.

To chair General, Executive Committee and other meetings.

To act as a spokesperson for the Association/Division.

To write and deliver a presidential speech for the E.T.A. Annual General Meeting.

To have a working knowledge of the rules and standing orders of the Association/Division.

Vice President

To substitute for the President when necessary.

To be the Returning Officer for the E.T.A. annual elections.

To draw up and distribute the timetable for E.T.A. annual elections in accordance with the E.T.A. Constitution.

Ex President

To substitute for the President or Vice- President when necessary.


While Treasurers should be “prudent”, the Treasurer’s role is to spend the N.U.T.’s money for the benefit of members and in accordance with direction given by the Executive and General Meetings

To support recruitment by ensuring that sufficient funds are available.

To apply for grants from N.U.T. headquarters to support association/division activities.

To keep records and accounts relating to all E.T.A. financial transactions.

To submit a statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting and N.U.T. headquarters annually

Membership Secretary

To record and review membership totals in the Association/Division and within individual schools, sites and categories in conjunction with the Secretary and Treasurer and to report regularly (e.g.: to School Reps and the Executive Committee) on current trends, problems and opportunities for membership growth, etc.

To and circulate updated membership lists to School Reps, termly. 

To distribute recruitment materials to School Reps, including NQT Welcome Packs.

To organise and convene a New Teachers’ function, annually.

Health & Safety Advisor

To be involved with the Local Authority and monitor the operation of its policies and guidance on H&S matters.

To be involved in casework on behalf of School H&S Reps, individually and/or collectively.

To disseminate H&S guidance to School Reps and members, including nationally produced materials.

To visit schools in relation to H&S issues as they arise.

To organise and help deliver local H&S Reps training courses/programmes.

To attend Division H&S Advisors’ Briefings.

Learning Representative

To promote lifelong learning opportunities to members, including the N.U.T. national training, professional development and ICT Skills programmes.

To provide members with information, advice, and guidance on learning opportunities and funding for learning.

To organise and conduct local learning needs for members.

To organise/co-ordinate local events (e.g.: Learning at Work Day events).

To work with school based Learning Reps and to co-ordinate activities across the Association/Division.

To be involved in negotiations with schools on matters relating to learning and skills (e.g.: learning agreements, CPD provision).

To visit schools and meet with members on issues relating to learning and skills.

To be involved in casework on learning issues on behalf of members.

To represent the Association/Division on Local Authority committees relating to learning and skills.

To apply for available grants to support training.

To attend N.U.T. Learning Representatives’ fora.

Equal Opportunities Officer

To promote equal opportunities in the Association/Division and Local Authority.

To encourage participation in N.U.T. activities by all groups of members, including the establishment of sub groups.

To undertake appropriate surveys and report findings and possible action points to the Executive Committee.

To represent the N.U.T. on Local Authority bodies concerned with equal opportunities/equality (e.g.: E.R.E.C.).

Retired Teachers Secretary 

This is a social group for Enfield NEU retired members. Excepting during the Summer holidays, it meets twice per term.


In addition, it supports the local Association in its campaigning activities; participating in street stalls, leafleting and public meetings. 

Also, it helps to raise funds for our local Industrial Action (Hardship) Fund by organising raffles at General Meetings, quiz nights and other activities.


Any retired members who wish to join should contact me at 01992-719142 or at




08000 562 561


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