National Education Union - Enfield District
National Education Union - Enfield District

About us

Enfield NEU is a division within the National Education Union and it represents NEU members within Enfield. We have over 2750 members which makes us one of the biggest NEU divisions in England & Wales and the biggest teaching union in Enfield.

Enfield NEU provides support for members in schools, as well as the central support services within the education departments of Enfield Council. NEU members can call upon us for advice and guidance when necessary which is our primary role, together with representing them in cases ranging from sickness absence monitoring and pay appeals through to more serious cases such as disciplinary hearings and collective grievances. The NEU, both here in Enfield and at the regional and national level through our Advice Line, also represents members in matters relating to both personal as well as professional circumstances and can call upon a range of specialist services to help support such as legal advice and representation, counselling and personal financial advice and support in times of hardship.

Enfield NEU has excellent relations with the local authority, the vast majority of schools and Head teachers in Enfield and other unions such as NASUWT and UNISON that also have a significant presence here in the borough.


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