National Education Union - Enfield District
National Education Union - Enfield District

                       Virtual Gathering - Tuesday July 21st 5pm 


To all members of Enfield District NEU

Unfortunately we have not been able to organise a formal AGM this year, but rest assured due to the extraordinary circumstances we have been given the necessary dispensations to enact all necessary formal business. There can be no change to local subscription rates or honorarium payments, and our accounts have still been audited in the normal way and checked by HQ.

However, the District committee is still committed to organising an end of term virtual gathering on Tuesday July 21st at 5pm as we would like to talk to you about government plans and NEU guidance for reopening education workplaces in September, as well as update you with the results of the contested Enfield District Elections currently taking place.

Registration details are at the end of this meeting. Please register as soon as possible in order to receive full joining details and other instructions, and so we can get a good idea of likely numbers. If you try to register at the last minute you might find you are unable to joing the meeting in time.



Jonathan Jacobs and Claire Docherty

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